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Dear men,

I see you. I know you’re struggling out there.

You want to be in your power. In your truth.

You want to be able to connect with people in your life.

But you’ve been taught that it’s not ‘manly’ to be open, to share how you feel, to feel at all.

You want to show up for the women in your life, you want to ravish your partner, be able to share pleasure, blow her mind with long, deep, multi-orgasmic sex.

You want to be solid in your masculinity. And not feel trapped by it.

I get it.

These days the notion of masculinity is hotly contested. I know you’re feeling the pressure to perform in your career, social life, relationships – in bed – but still get glared at if you dare to hold a door open for a woman. It’s fucking confusing to know how to show up.

Let me teach you how to harness your highest masculine expression, while honouring the divine feminine energy and working with the polarity of the two to create mind-blowing connection and harmony in your relationships.

Let me teach you how to connect better with your partner, or attract a woman embodied in her feminine to meet your strong masculine.

Stating the obvious here: I’m a woman. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man. No fucking clue.


So, why would you want to work with me?

Because I know women. I can help you understand them better.

And I know that you, like most(cisgender, heterosexual) men, want to have amazing sex with women. I also know (though you may not quite want to admit it…yet) that you also want to be truly seen by a partner, to cultivate a deep connection with someone you can grow with. I know you want to be your very best self – and you know that extends to way more than simply your status, career, pay check and cars (though with some solid mindset work, that can all come easily, too).

I can help you to connect better with people in your life, teach you about female sexuality, intimacy and connection.

In short, I can help you be the best version of you.

If you’re ready to take the next step,
I’m here for you

We can cover:
  • Stepping in to your purpose
  • Masculine and feminine energies
  • Connection and intimacy
  • Tantra and sexuality
  • Relationships
  • …and more

Included in your coaching package:

  • 3 x fortnightly coaching calls
  • Session notes and action plan

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Eleanor!

Having worked predominantly with women for years and sharing my experience and knowledge on all things sensuality, femininity, connection, intimacy and sex across my social media – I noticed an increased interest by men to learn more too.

I noticed in my personal life and interaction with people I met, as well as online, more and more men being fascinated about my work and asking more questions. When sharing my passion for intimacy, connection and meaningful sex, I had many men asking me to please, start coaching men too. That men needed this knowledge. So here I am.

As a Certified Life Coach, I am an expert in asking you the important questions that lead to epic transformation. I combine my life coaching skills with my extensive knowledge of yoga, movement, energy work, sensuality, sexuality, Tantra and more to help my clients access their most powerful selves.

Respect policy:

This coaching series is a completely confidential space for you to share openly with me, and your privacy will be respected. The coaching/client relationship is to be respected and it is assumed that I will be treated professionally. Thank you in advance for your courtesy.

The investment

A 3 month coaching package with me is US $750 (payment plans available)

Please note that coaching is available only by application, and full and honest completion of the application form is required for me to gauge if we would be a good fit to work together. All questions serve a purpose in me ascertaining if I would be the best coach for you, so please take your time in responding authentically.