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Are you ready to unleash your inner sensualista?

  • Do you feel totally disconnected to your sensuality?
  • Unsure of what it even means to feel sensual?
  • Are you constantly living up in your head, disconnected to your body?
  • Do you feel like it’s not safe, or comfortable for you to be fully in your feminine
  • Are you feeling the pressure to ‘love yourself’ but honestly don’t know how to get there
  • Are you shying away from having sex with your partner because you don’t feel sexy?
  • Are you craving that deep soul connection and intimacy
  • Searching for a nourishing relationship, but you can't seem to find that someone special
  • Do you feel selfish for even considering taking time out just for you?

I see you.

Societally, we receive very mixed messages from the media.

We are told that being ‘beautiful’ is the ideal, that sex sells and you should strive for a body like "this" or “that” but in the same breath, women are often condemned for being seen as sensual or, heaven forbid, sexual beings.

We’re told to flaunt our figure, but be modest. To wear make up, but be natural. To dress up, but don’t be vain. And on and on.

All while being stuck in a cycle of comparing yourself to your friends, other women on the street and spending hours scrolling through instagram wishing you had the confidence of all those ‘insta-influencers’ suddenly talking about body-positivity and self-love - but where does it come from!?

This has led to your new normal - where you hide your body, your sensuality, YOURSELF in shame and in fear, wondering how you could cultivate that confidence, too.

The Sensualista Method

The Sensualista Method™️ is a holistic methodology which takes you on a journey to embody your femininity, enhance your sex-life and elevate your relationships. The method was evolved after working extensively with women over the past ten years and seeing the need for an approach that encouraged total sensual embodiment from all perspectives. You are multi-faceted, and as such so is my approach to sensuality. 

Through my signature Sensualista Method™️, we explore different aspects of your feminine experience to empower you to fully embody your most sensual self by working through the three pillars of sensual embodiment:

Awakening Awareness

My coaching style is grounded in years of extensive study and research, refined in to easily understandable teachings designed to bring awareness to where you are now, where you want to be, and the vast array of tangible tools & techniques I have available to help you get there.

Prioritising Pleasure

sensualista is someone who prioritises her pleasure and is able to be deeply present with herself and others. Through my pleasure-centric teachings, you will learn ways to become fully embodied and deeply connected to your pleasure - be it sensual, sexual or simple, every day pleasure.

Cultivating Connection

Much of the work in the personal development space is very inwardly focussed, but we are communal beings who crave intimacy and connection. Through my teachings, we explore ways to connect deeply with those in our lives in order to attract in and sustain deeper, authentic, intimate relationships. 

Sensual Embodiment

I believe that with awareness, encouragement and accountability, you are capable of stepping in to your most radiant, juicy, vibrant, feminine, powerful and sensual self.

I know you want to feel deeply connected - to yourself, your body, your soul and your loved ones.

Imagine feeling truly in your body, confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You’re magnetic, aligned and living on purpose. 

I want to help you fall madly in love with yourself and embody your inner Sensualista.


Coaching Inclusions...

  • 6 x 1 hour private coaching calls held via Zoom 
  • Tangible 'soul work' to complete between sessions
  • Text & voice message support between sessions.
  • Guided meditations, journal prompts and other personalised resources designed just for you
  • Access to an exclusive, private coaching portal


Client Love

My time coaching with Eleanor was truly a special time in my life and unlocked so much that was holding me back from achieving my goals.

Eleanor has a beautiful and gentle way of coaxing out inner truths, and bringing me back to a place of warmth, compassion and love, where we grounded all my goals. Eleanor's mentorship was such a gift, she was so present, loving and firm, and held me accountable to myself in a way that only someone separate from the internal chaos can do! She guided me though it, sorting fact from fiction, gently discarding belief systems that weren't serving me, while creating habits and routines that would set me up for a joyous and purposeful life. I can't thank you enough. I came to you despondent, directionless and full of self criticism, and continue after you, empowered and passionate about creating my stamp on the world.

You have truly changed the course of my life.

Kahli W.

I’ve absolutely loved our sessions together! She has an intuitive knowing and a way of uncovering themes and connecting dots I wasn’t able to see prior. Having her support and encouragement over the last three months has been invaluable.

She was my biggest cheerleader and just as excited about my wins as I was!

I honestly couldn’t believe how much I had achieved during our time together. Thanks to her - this is the most confident and sexiest I’ve ever felt in my life! Thank you Eleanor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jade H.

What an incredible journey I just finished.

Eleanor was there for me every step of the way, so I never felt alone or scared. The shifts in energy and mindset where consistent throughout the three months. I grew as a woman, in regards to the way I see myself, the way I treat myself and my body. I grew as a person in the way I see and take on the world.

It is an experience I am forever grateful for and to have had this amazing opportunity to work with Eleanor's beautiful soul.

Kylie C.

Hi gorgeous, I'm Eleanor

I’m passionate about all things femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

It’s my absolute honour to guide women to connect more deeply with themselves through my work.


I'm a certified life coach, specialising in sensuality & sexuality, as well as the founder on my own movement practice, Sensual Yoga™️.

Through my work I help women to connect with their femininity, tap in to their inner sensual goddess and experience pleasure like never before.


I believe we always have the potential to expand, and as such I am a committed lifelong student. I'm trained in and have extensive experience in a vast array of modalities.

I’m a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and dance instructor (having owned, managed and instructed at my own pole dancing studio for 4 years).

With a penchant for the esoteric, I hold certifications in crystal healing, aromatherapy, reiki, astrology and more.

I have also completed intense study in areas such as sacred sexuality, Tantra, women’s health and menstrual wisdom, Ayurveda and more.

It's my mission to redefine what it means to be a sensual being, to inspire women to embrace their whole selves and fall in love with themselves a little bit more each and every day.

Are you ready to join me?

The investment

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Chemistry Call

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