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From Sensuality Coach, Eleanor Hadley,

You're invited to...

The 5 Day Journey to Self Love

5 senses. 5 minutes. 5 days.

This is the challenge for you if you are craving more connection with your body,
more peace with what you see in the mirror and a stronger sense of who you are.

This challenge is for you if...

💕 You keep hearing about 'self-love' but have no idea where to even start!

💕 You want to be more present with yourself

💕 You're feeling a disconnect between your mind, body and soul and need to reset.

💕 You feel 'selfish' for taking time for yourself.

💕 You need simple daily exercises you can get started with now - minus the guilt

Join me as we take a deep dive into the senses, and learn how to use them to cultivate self-love in just five minutes per day.

Through short, simple daily assignments I will guide you through some of my favourite sensual practices that will have you more in touch with yourself and feeling deep appreciation for your mind, body and soul.

Each day you'll receive an email and video from me explaining each practice and giving you a simple assignment that can be completed in less than 5 minutes!

Plus, you'll get support from me and our beautiful community in our private Facebook Group.

Day 1: Sight

Day 2: Sound

Day 3: Smell

Day 4: Touch

Day 5: Taste

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